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vigour. He laboured ceaselessly, and leaves two
almost finished works: one on the languages of the
Indian archipelago, derived from the Sanscrit; the
other, on the origin and philosophy of languages in
general These works will be published. My brother
has left his manuscripts, his commenced works, and
his valuable collection of books, to the public library.
He died of an inflammation of the lungs, watching,
with painful sagacity, the progress of the disease.
His was a high intellect, and his soul was full of
elevation and nobility.    I feel very isolated.".....
The news of Humboldt's death created a great
sensation in Berlin, and the newspapers all ex-
pressed the public grief at the loss of such a great and
liberal man. He was buried beside his wife beneath
the monument he had erected to her.
On Palm Sunday, April 12th, 1835, the interment
took place. His Eoyal Highness Prince William,
brother to the king, several generals and ministers of
state, and an immense number of scholars and artists,
had repaired to the castle to be present at the
ceremony, and the procession left the house for the
monument in the park at eleven o'clock. The hearse,
covered with black crape, and drawn by four horses,
was followed by the brother, the children, and the
grandchildren of the deceased; after them came all
those who had arrived from Berlin to be present, and
the rear was formed by the community of the village,
who showed their affection «for him by accompanying
his body to its last resting-place, chanting hymns and
psalms by the way. At the monument, the coffin
was placed upon a scaffolding, and Dr. ELossbach de-
livered a funeral oration on the deceased, in which Iie^
without reference to dogmas, enumerated the merits
of the deceased in his services to the state and to
science, as well as his social and humam virtues, in
simple but eloquent words. The coffin was then
slowly let down into the grave, "wfore he rests^
• according to his wish, not in a bricked vault* but 'in